Unicode 6.0 Book

Starting with Unicode 6.0, the standard is no longer published as a book. It can be downloaded from the Unicode website, but 2,775 pages is quite a mouthful for a trusty office laser printer.

A more attractive option is to have it printed by a print-on-demand publisher such as Lulu. This page provides the tools and cover art needed to prepare a 5-volume version:

Volume 1:
Core Specification

Volume 1 contains the specification text itself, including appendices, references and index.

672 pages.

Note: This volume has unnecessarily wide inner margins and an extraneous copyright line added to the bottom of each page. The text could be made a bit bigger by removing the copyright and scaling the page accordingly.

Volume 2:
Character Charts

Volume 2 contains all the character charts except the ones for Chinese characters (Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Vietnamese ideographs), which are split between volumes 3 and 4 as detailed below.

663 pages.

Volume 3:
Chinese Characters 1

Volume 3 contains the Chinese characters from the Basic Multilingual Plane (plane 0), viz,

657 pages.

Volume 4:
Chinese Characters 2

Volume 4 contains the Chinese characters from the Supplementary Ideographic Plane (plane 2), viz,

616 pages.

Volume 5:
Radical–Stroke Index

Volume 5 contains a complete radical–stroke index covering all the Chinese characters in Unicode.

184 pages.


The downloadable archive contains LaTeX files for generating the interior of the books from files available on the Unicode site, a Makefile for Mac and Unix that can be used to obtain the files and run LaTeX automatically, and custom-made cover art for each volume featuring a pattern made from U+FFFD symbols.

The size of the finished books is called Crown Quarto, which is a bit smaller than US Letter (the format of the original files), but has exactly the same proportions.

Paperback copies can be ordered from Lulu in the UK for around £10 sterling for each of the 650-page volumes (similar prices in other countries).